Plants & Planters

Sunrise Plant Hire draws from years of expertise to provide plants and planters from a comprehensive range of options and styles to perfectly suit your office landscape.

Plants are wide-ranging in variety and can be incorporated into your space in a simple and classic fashion or they can perfectly suit the most creatively exciting aspects of your vision.

Our planters can be sourced from a myriad of suppliers and can be incorporated into your plantscape in many differing materials such as fibreclay, fibreglass, cement, terracotta, stone, glass and straw. Planters can be presented in a minimalist fashion with singular color schemes or be mixed amongst each other with differing sizes and patterns.

Our on-site inspection process, which we undertake before we install and begin maintenance of an office landscape, will allow us to accurately hone the ideal plant and planter pairing to both suit your vision and allow for the utmost longevity and success with your office plantscape.

Floor Standing

Single or grouped floor standing planters provide depth and atmosphere to any space.

Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are versatile and can be implemented into your space in many ways. They can be placed along walls or on top of tables, divide floor and desk space, or act as a screen between spaces.


Hanging plants make a statement
without taking up any floor space.

Tambour Units

Tambour units offer a level of functionality and an abundance of greenery to an office space while allowing for desktop areas to remain free of clutter.